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New Year, New Garage Door

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The New Year period is synonymous with rebirth and change, which is why so many of us take up a new diet or vow to exercise more in the year ahead. However, why should you limit yourself to personal changes of mind, body and spirit? Extend that feeling of revival to all other aspects of your life; redecorate your home, book the holiday of a lifetime, or even choose a new garage door that’ll be the envy of your neighbours!

This month we’ll be looking at just some of the reasons why you should get a new door, the things you should look out for in a new door, and the type of door that’ll best suit your needs.

Reasons to Consider Purchasing a New Garage Door

Time may well heal some wounds, but for your garage door time could be a reckoning. In time, the minor issues that are wrong with your garage door, if not addressed, could spiral out of control and irrevocably damage it. If you spot any of the following problems with your garage door, be sure to talk to a professional to see if you can either have them fixed or have a new garage door installed as soon as possible:

  • Peeling paint that has lead to rust or rot underneath
  • Sagging components on a wooden garage door
  • Issues with closing and opening your garage door, such as stiffness or ungainly sounds
  • Dents in your metal garage door, especially where close to the locking mechanism

Another major reason why you should consider purchasing a new garage door is to improve your home’s insulation. An insulated garage door has the capacity to lower your energy bills dramatically, all while further protecting your belongings from the harshest weather conditions.

And finally, it is widely known that a new garage door can increase the value of your property, too. As such, a new garage door mostly pays for itself if you’re planning on moving home soon. In the meantime, you can benefit from the greater security of a new garage door and the potentially lower energy bills as well.

Choosing Your New Garage Door

No matter what your requirements are, there will be a garage door to accommodate them. Think carefully about what you want from your garage door, like whether you want it primarily for functional purposes or as an aesthetic statement. Then you can move on to more pressing matters, like the material your garage door is made of and the design style you choose.

  • To make a bold and alluring statement, a wooden garage door performs exceptionally. On the other hand, for security purposes you may opt for a metallic garage door.
  • Compare insulating qualities of different garage doors to bring your energy bills down drastically; sectional garage doors are especially good at insulating your garage.
  • Decide whether or not an automated garage door is right for you. Automation has a lot of benefits, from the useful – like not having to get out in the rain to open your garage – to the secure – i.e. by eliminating easily identifiable entry points such as locks. Likewise, autostop options will protect you and your loved ones from the dangers of a closing or falling garage door.

Insure and Service Your New Garage Door Regularly

Once you’ve purchased your new garage door and had it installed, it’s paramount that you treat it with great care. Some home insurers will extend cover to your garage door. However, irrespective of whether or not you can get cover, you should always have your garage door serviced regularly. In doing so, you’ll not only keep your garage door healthier for longer, you’ll also likely avoid substantial repair costs further down the line, too.

So to benefit from a brand new garage door in the new year, give JB Doors a call. JB Doors provide quality garage doors throughout the South Yorkshire area and beyond. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are second-to-none when it comes to supplying, installing and servicing garage doors across the region, and we are proud to stock insulated roller garage doors from leading provider AlluGuard. For more information, contact our friendly team today.

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