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How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter

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At the start of November, the temperature has plummeted from the milder climes we’ve been enjoying this summer. If this is an indication of what’s to come, we can expect this winter to be an exceptionally chilly one.

The cold can have a detrimental effect on your garage door and, in turn, the things you have stored in there too. Therefore, this month we’ll be detailing how you can prepare your garage door for the winter.

Seal the Door

If your garage door isn’t sealed properly, the cold will seep in and damage your garage door and any contents of your garage. Older garage doors in particular may not be appropriately sealed. However, sealing it isn’t as hard as you’d expect. As such, it’s a great way to prepare your garage for the winter. Simply double check the weather stripping along the bottom of your garage door, looking for any cracks in the seal. If there are, you may have to peel the seal away and replace it. Alternatively, you could install a weather strip along your garage floor, where the door will meet the ground when closed.

Insulate Your Garage

Your garage isn’t only at threat from the cold coming in through your door opening – if your garage isn’t insulated, the cold could creep in through even the smallest of holes. Go over your garage and see about insulating it as soon as possible. This includes installing double glazing windows (if your garage has windows) and installing insulated plasterboards on your walls, among other methods. An insulated garage ensures your garage door doesn’t have to withstand the cold from all angles – on one side, it will be protected.

Purchase an Insulated Garage Door

In addition, an insulated garage door is an excellent way to insulate your garage and prepare it for the harshness of winter. Last month, we talked about the benefits of an insulated garage door and, when choosing one, what are the best available options. You can read our article here.

Service Your Garage Door

Above all else, you should have your garage door serviced in order to prepare it for winter. A comprehensive service will see its mechanical workings are in full working order and that no part of the garage door is compromised. Tracks are checked to see if they are appropriately lubricated (if necessary) and springs are assessed to ensure they don’t give way. If problems are identified, your qualified and experienced garage door technician will be able to rectify them before they become worse in the cold.

In these ways, you can prepare your garage door for winter, ensuring all of your belongings are protected too. To find out more, be sure to contact the experts at JB Doors.

JB Doors provide quality garage doors throughout the South Yorkshire area and beyond. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are second-to-none when it comes to supplying, installing and servicing garage doors across the region, and we are proud to stock insulated roller garage doors from leading provider AlluGuard. For more information, contact our friendly team today.

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