Garage Door: What Color Garage Door Is Best with a Grey House?

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What Garage Door Color Is Best with a Grey House?

There is no one best color for the garage doors of a grey home. However, the following colors tend to work well:

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Black
  4. White

For homes that are a lighter-color grey with vinyl or wood-painted siding, a darker color might look nice to provide some contrast. Likewise, darker grey homes contrast nicely with other garage doors.

Grey on grey garage door colors isn’t impossible, but it can be tough to pull off well if your garage door and siding are both grey. Make sure they blend or contrast well together and with your trim and exterior accent colors so that your color palette isn’t too bland.

For the average grey home, certain red, green, or black garage doors usually look good. Many grey homes can also look great with a classic white garage door. However, this is a lot to consider to navigate what color garage door is best with a grey house!

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