Freezing Weather and Servicing Your Garage Door

Freezing Weather and Servicing Your Garage Door

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The temperatures throughout December have fluctuated wildly from mild to freezing, sometimes in the same day. Such irregularities in temperature can cause havoc to machinery and infrastructure, not just to your skin! Areas around your home can be particularly affected, especially your garage door.

While last month we looked at the importance of preparing your garage door for the winter months and how to go about doing it, this month we’re going to be looking at the importance of checking your garage door throughout the winter, too.

Freezing Weather Can Damage Your Garage Opening Mechanism

The fluctuating temperatures we have experienced so far this winter have the potential to irrevocably damage your garage door’s opening mechanism. Temperatures nearing zero can cause the oils that lubricate your garage door’s track to thicken, causing the movement to become either rigid or impossible.

To avoid this predicament, you need to check your garage door over frequently. If you don’t store your car in the garage, you may not have a reason to go into it every day of the week, but you should make a habit of opening it every day. By moving the garage door along the tracks every day, you ensure that none of the parts have frozen stuck. If any issues arise, you can contact a professional at the first sign of trouble!

It would also pay to carry out a garage door check every week or so, as detailed in our previous Regular Garage Door Checks article from the summer.

Lay Grit Along the Base of Your Garage Door

Another way to prevent the worst of the frost from affecting your garage door is to lay grit along the floor at its base. When the wet weather hits, you can rest assured that your garage door won’t freeze shut between the door and the ground. The salt found in grit lowers the freezing temperature of water, making it less likely that it will be able to freeze your door to the ground.

The Importance of Servicing Your Door Regularly

A fully functioning garage door can, with adequate and responsible care, withstand the freezing temperatures of winter. To keep it in tip-top shape, though, you’ll need to have it serviced often. At JB Doors, we advise our clients to have their door serviced in line with manufacturing warranty once a year. Dependent on location, we can offer you a garage door service for £95 each.

During the service, we will check to ensure the garage door is in full working order, looking to see if it has come loose since its last service or has been damaged in any way, including by frost. What’s more, we also check the motors of automated garage doors to ensure that it’s still fully functioning and is safe to use; we also check the remote control and any batteries, too.

A comprehensive service such as this is required to retain your warranty, including on:

  • 10 year warranty for external paint cover due to fading
  • 5 year warranty on a motor
  • 2 year warranty on remote controls
  • 2 year warranty on the garage door as a whole and its installation

Manufacturers and suppliers have the right to withdraw the warranty if the door is not properly maintained, so it’s well worth your time to book in a service today to ensure you’re covered!

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