After spending the day traveling the dusty cobblestone streets, people in the 19th century needed a suitable place to unhitch their horses and store their buggies. While farmers often kept their horses and buggies in barns, the elite had carriage houses built on their estate. These small houses featured wide, swinging wooden doors that allowed for both horse and carriage to enter easily.

When choosing a garage door for your home or business, you have two main options. Many people looking for a residential garage door opt for a traditional sectional garage door. This style pulls the door into the garage on horizontal runners, resting the open door near the garage ceiling.

The temperatures throughout December have fluctuated wildly from mild to freezing, sometimes in the same day. Such irregularities in temperature can cause havoc to machinery and infrastructure, not just to your skin! Areas around your home can be particularly affected, especially your garage door.

The New Year period is synonymous with rebirth and change, which is why so many of us take up a new diet or vow to exercise more in the year ahead. However, why should you limit yourself to personal changes of mind, body and spirit? Extend that feeling of revival to all other aspects of your life; redecorate your home, book the holiday of a lifetime, or even choose a new garage door that’ll be the envy of your neighbours!

A garage door can be insulating, automated and attractive, but if it doesn’t fulfil its basic function and problems arise, this can be highly frustrating and possibly dangerous. Here at JB Doors, we have put together a list of 5 common garage door problems along with how to deal with the issue, so your door is back up and running again as quickly as possible.

Our professional fitters are well-equipped to fit your new door – which usually only takes a matter of hours – but there are a few useful steps you can take beforehand. We will cover these preparatory measures in this article to ensure you are able to help have the easiest fitting process possible.

An electric garage door can provide many benefits, primarily due to the greatly improved convenience and non-existent physical effort it requires to open. However, it is incredibly important that an electric garage door meets safety requirements and legislation to ensure that it isn’t hazardous to use.

Now this isn’t an easy question to answer as the response will depend upon what you want from your garage door. Your priorities may lie with how attractive your new door looks, how it can improve energy efficiency, or how likely it is to resist a break-in attempt?