37 Stunning White Kitchen Ideas (Hand-Selected from 1,000’s of Submissions)

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It really doesn’t get better than this gallery if you like white kitchens. This is our meticulously selected collection of the very best white kitchen designs out of thousands of submitted designs.

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White u-shaped kitchen with blue backsplash

Thanks for visiting our white kitchen photo gallery.

What exactly is a white kitchen?

Most “white kitchens” are 100% white.  Referencing a kitchen or any room by a particular color simply means that room’s dominat color.  For kitchens, it usually means the cabinets or most of the cabinets are white.

White kitchen Color Chart

White is not just white.  There are many shades of white.  Here’s a simple white shades color chart.

Shades of white kitchens chart

White kitchen statistics

18.85% of kitchens are considered white.  However, 48% of kitchen cabinets are white.  Please note that these statistics are based on self-reported kitchen colors, but based on an analysis of over 500,000 kitchen designs.  Here are the charts.

Kitchen color chart

Chart setting out percentage of white kitchens

Kitchen cabinet finish chart

Chart setting out percentage of kitchen cabinets that are white

White Kitchen Ideas (Photos)

1. Marble Backsplash

Modern style single-line with island white kitchen

Modern style single-line with island white kitchen. This example offers plenty of storage (cabinets rise to the ceiling). Notice the fabulous sphere-shaped pendant lights above the all white waterfall island. The island includes a range. One of my favorite design features of this kitchen is the marble backsplash. Designed by: LLI Design

2. Dine-In U-Shaped Island

Large white kitchen with u-shaped island that includes a built-in dining table and bench seating

Large white kitchen with u-shaped island that includes a built-in dining table and bench seating. While the island is gray, the island countertop and all kitchen cabinets are white so that qualifies this kitchen as a white kitchen. I love the island above all else, but the cabinet design along with tall ceiling and light wood floors makes this one of my all-time favorites. Source: Trulia

3. Elegant Kitchen Dining Table

Custom white kitchen with elegant kitchen dining table

This is definitely a gorgeous design, but I particularly like the elegant kitchen dining table and white chairs that fits inside this large l-shaped white kitchen. Notice the extensive storage as well as the large island with marble countertop with sink.

4. A-Frame White Kitchen

White modern kitchen with stainless steel counter in A-frame cabin with loft.

A-frame cabin with modern white interior including the kitchen which has super high ceiling in this open-concept A-frame interior. The white is offset with stainless steel countertops and warm, light wood flooring. Designed by: Jean Verville architecte

5. L-Shaped with Skylights and Coffered Ceiling

Another look of the kitchen showcasing the beautiful ceiling, lighting and cabinets.

Spacious kitchen with wide-plank wood floor and an incredible white coffered ceiling with skylights. The island comfortably accommodates 4 people with white stools. This l-shaped mega kitchen has loads of cabinet and drawer storage as well. Source: Trulia

6. Curves

Kitchen island with curved overhang (granite).

Arched window looks out into the living room from this kitchen which also includes a curved island with granite surface. There are hints of warm tones including the beige backsplash and light brown upholstered island stools.

7. My Dream Kitchen

Elegant new dream kitchen with pie-shaped island.

Here’s another one of my favorite white kitchens. It’s situated in an large open concept living space. It’s pretty much a single line with island but the single line is slightly curved giving it a u-shape appearance. There’s a large ornamental white range hood in the center with herringbone gray and white backsplash. The grey upholstered stools match the grey dining chairs and sofa. The fireplace is visible from all points in the kitchen. This is definitely my dream white kitchen.

Elegant crisp white kitchen with island and gray tufted bar stools.

This is a dead-on view of the kitchen from the island vantage point. I love how the recessed lights follow the slight curve of the main kitchen wall.

8. Fabulous Hardware and White Paneled Fridge

White kitchen with island that has breakfast eating area on end with white upholstered wood stools.

This is a fantastic example of how hardware (drawer and cabinet knobs) can be the superstar of the kitchen. The dark hardware stands out nicely against the white cabinets as well as the white cabinet paneled refrigerator.

9. Marble

Another look of the kitchen featuring the room's hardwood flooring, white walls, countertops and cabinets along with a large center island lighted by candle light chandelier.

Here’s an aerial view of a u-shaped kitchen with island that incorporates plenty of marble in it with a marble island surface and marble backsplash. Source: Trulia

10. All-White Modern

Kitchen with white marble island and countertop along with stainless steel appliance. Photo Credit: Adrien Williams

This is an example of an ultra modern white kitchen that’s large and well illuminated by plenty of natural light. The lines are straight. The kitchen definitely exudes a minimalist design. The only other colors includes stainless steel faucets and black-seated stools. Even the fridge is white but does have fabulous stainless steel handles. Designed by: Desjardins Bherer

11. Beamed Ceiling

Perimeter angled kitchen island in kitchen with coffered ceiling in country style kitchen.

Check out that incredible coffered bare wood beamed ceiling. It’s really cool because the beams are suspended down from the ceiling proper. If you pull your eyes away from that ceiling, check out the long curved island with elevated breakfast bar. This white country style kitchen is amazing.

12. Modern with Two Islands

Large modern white kitchen with pendant lights over large island and breakfast bar.

Here’s a massive modern white kitchen in a mansion. This has two white islands, one of which serves as a breakfast bar. Black is an effective accent color and it’s all tied together with a light wood well polished floor. Listed by: DouglasElliman Real Estate.

13. Massive Square Island

The white kitchen boast marble countertops while pendant lights and recessed lights fits well with the hardwood flooring.

Gargantuan white kitchen with gorgeous wide-plank dark wood flooring. Marble serves as the countertop for the counters and large square island. Source: Trulia

14. Butcher Block Island

White kitchen with incredible butcher block island.

What do you notice first about this white kitchen? I bet it’s not the fact it’s white or that it has wood flooring or stainless steel appliances. I bet it’s not the pendant lights or range hood either. It’s the incredible custom made butcher block island with checkered wood pattern. The design tip here is that you can make a kitchen stand out and be fabulous with one awesome design feature.

15. Glass Round In-Kitchen Dining Table in White Kitchen with a Touch of Blue

Transitional kitchen with pendant light and round glass table.

I love the splashes of blue (island and dishes) in this u-shaped white kitchen which incorporates color contrast with the dark wood flooring. The open shelves are super effective because the dishes form part of the color scheme. Photo by Greengage Interiors Limited

16. Butcher Block Island Addition

Traditional kitchen with pendant and recessed lights and hardwood floor.

Massive kitchen with curtains on the windows… but the real star here is the long white island with a butcher block surface addition on the end of it that can serve as a food prep area and/or dining area.

17. Fabulous Pot Rack

White kitchen with incredible pot rack.

Pot racks are under-used in kitchens. Take a look at that stainless steel beauty with an entire fleet of stainless steel pots hanging on it. It totally makes this otherwise mediocre kitchen fabulous.

18. Ambient White Kitchen Lighting

White kitchen with extensive stainless steel. Notice the chrome pendant lights along with the double-wide stainless steel luxury refrigerator.

White kitchen with extensive stainless steel. Notice the chrome pendant lights along with the double-wide stainless steel luxury refrigerator.

19. Modern Narrow Galley Kitchen

If you have a narrow space, here's a narrow galley kitchen design idea to consider.  This kitchen looks like a spaceship.  It's not my favorite design but chose it for this gallery because it's definitely unique

If you have a narrow space, here’s a narrow galley kitchen design idea to consider. This kitchen looks like a spaceship. It’s not my favorite design but chose it for this gallery because it’s definitely unique. Designed by: IROJE KHM Architects

20. Dark Countertops

Here's an example of a predominantly white kitchen with dark countertops and dark island surface.  The dark constrast continues with dark flooring and black round stool upholstery.  It's very well done.  I think it's a great idea to incorporate contrast.

Here’s an example of a predominantly white kitchen with dark countertops and dark island surface. The dark constrast continues with dark flooring and black round stool upholstery. It’s very well done. I think it’s a great idea to incorporate contrast.

21. Chrome Pendants with Subway Backsplash

22. Small White Kitchen

23. Country White Kitchen

24. Mediterranean White

25. Traditional White

26. Compact White Apartment Kitchen

27. White Contemporary

28. White Farmhouse Kitchen

29. Dark Wood Flooring and Recessed Lights

Interior of modern luxury kitchen in North American private residence.

30. Luxury White Kitchen

31. Custom Design

large furnished kitchen in new home

32. White With Gray Island and Stainless Steel Appliances

new furnished kitchen in luxury home

33. White Ceiling with Dark Countertops

34. Rustic White Kitchen

35. Cathedral Ceiling with Skylights

36. New Home Construction

37. U-Shape with Island

38. Coffered, White, Large, Glass-Faced Cabinets and so much more

Massive white kitchen with ornate coffered ceiling in galley layout with large center island.

We wrap up our photo gallery with one of my all time favorite interior designers – Garrison Hullinger. Look to the rear and you’ll notice a built-in bench breakfast nook with upholstered benches that match the wood floor (I love symmetry in design). That eating nook extends off a fabulous large galley layout kitchen with island. Every square inch of this design was meticulously planned and exquisitely created. There isn’t a thing I don’t like about this. Designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

White is the runner-up most popular kitchen design color, with 18.85% of respondents to our survey finding it worthy of incorporation into their kitchen. In this article, we’ll give you a few white kitchen design ideas and offer a few tips on how to implement your dream kitchen’s color.

A Piece Of Heaven

White kitchens are elegant above all else. Or they have the potential to be elegant, at least. The trick to maintaining elegance when using white in your kitchen design is to keep the use of other colors consistent in their texture and their saturation.

If your cabinets are white, but your cups are pastel pink, your teapot should also be a pastel color that’s of similar color saturation to the pink. This means that wood can often pair extremely well with white kitchen designs because it brings consistent texture and color in the same package and can be used to accentuate the cleanliness of the white.

Draw Attention To The Light, Or Reflect It Away?

White kitchen designs tend to reflect natural light awkwardly, and often too much. Likewise, white kitchen designs don’t always handle artificial light as well as they could.

The question that you’ll need to answer while designing your white kitchen is whether to embrace the reflection by including other light reflective objects like metallic or chrome appliances or try to dampen it by introducing wooden or faded turquoise surfaces which aren’t as reflective but are more colorful.

Double Down, Or Casually Incorporate?

The final question you’ll need to answer before finalizing your white kitchen design idea is whether to double down on the concept of a white kitchen design or to simply build white into your kitchen as one color component of many others.

Doubling down could result in an operating-room like whirlwind of light and brightness—perfect for making breakfast in the mornings, but perhaps a bit hard to make look perfectly clean after dinner. Casually incorporating white into your kitchen design is the more traveled route, using items like white table cloths, cushions, runners, or even candles.

You can also easily incorporate white into your appliances, dishes, and cookware, though its tendency to show dirt can be frustrating. Because of this, it’s probably best to avoid making your countertops white if you go the route of partial white design.

If these ideas don’t appeal to you, check out our larger gallery of custom kitchen design ideas.

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