28 Red Kitchen Cabinet Ideas (2018 Photos)

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Wow! Here’s a collection of 28 kitchens with red cabinets. These are definitely bold kitchen designs that if you’re thinking of doing, you’ll want to check out these examples first.

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Stunning kitchen with glossy red cabinets, round island with sink and curved peninsula.

Red is a bold move for a kitchen.  I understand why it’s not the most popular, but I think you’ll like some examples we have in our gallery below.

Only 1.25% of the 907,259 kitchen designs we analyzed are red.  It’s not a common, nor popular kitchen color.

However, in my view, it’s not a bad kitchen color, but then I like red in interior design including red kitchen cabinets.

Red kitchen color chart

Red kitchen design chart and statistics


Red kitchen color chart

Here’s a simple chart setting out the various shades of red you can incorporate into kitchen design.

Red chart for red kitchen design


Red Kitchen Ideas (Photos)

Designed by Lincorp / Borchert


Designed and photographed by David Churchill.

Designed by Winkleman Architecture.


There are many ways you can express yourself in color when designing a kitchen. You can add elements of the color with furnishings and décor, or you can paint the walls the color of your choice. While red kitchen design ideas are not that popular, less than 11,350 out of 900,000 kitchens surveyed were red, and it is a bold color choice.

Choosing the Best Red

If you want a red kitchen, you must first choose which color of red you want to use. The direction that the kitchen faces can help influence the color palette for the kitchen. A kitchen that faces the south or southwest lends itself to more fiery colors, such as bright red.

Red is also a good color for kitchens that face northwest, but instead of fiery reds, they should be deeper in color. A cranberry or maroon red is often best for kitchens facing that direction. The design style of the kitchen can be a consideration as well.

Red in Kitchen Designs

Mid-century modern kitchen designs can be perfect for the color red. You can choose a retro look by selecting 1950s elements like a Formica table with chairs covered in bright red vinyl. Then, you can add red appliances like a red stand mixer, toaster, or red pots and pans to match the theme.

Red would also go well in eclectic kitchens, especially if you add elements like a copy of Andy Warhol’s soup can painting, or collectible items from Coca-Cola or other companies who use red as one of their primary colors.

For kitchens with a more formal style, a deep red, like a wine red, may be the best color for the kitchen. You can paint the walls with the darker red or perhaps just one wall as an accent color for the kitchen. It can also be incorporated by choosing a dark red wood stain for the cabinets and other wood elements in the room.

Here are some red kitchen design ideas you may wish to incorporate in your home.

Use Red Carefully

Red can be an overwhelming color if you are not careful using it in the kitchen. Bright red walls may be too intense for many people, and red attracts heat, so your kitchen can be too hot during the summer months if you use it everywhere. However, with a subtitler approach, red can be a great color for your kitchen.

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