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Victorian Residential Home with Wood Carriage House Style Garage Doors

Do you want to revamp your home according to the latest design trends for 2018? While many homeowners focus on updating interiors or choosing bold materials, colors and landscaping for the exterior of their houses, they fail to refresh the appearance of their garage doors. Garage doors can occupy up to 40 percent of a home’s exterior, and they are largely responsible for adding curb appeal, value and modern aesthetics.

With 2018, many designers and manufacturers are looking to elevate the appearance of garage doors — transforming them into an important, dramatic and visually stunning element of your home. Update your home’s exteriors and be the envy of your neighbors with one of these popular 2018 garage door trends.

Custom Garage Door Designs

Adding a new garage door can enhance your home’s architecture and give you the opportunity to show off your personal tastes. To have nearly endless garage door options and design a truly unique door that stands out, look into designing and installing a custom garage door.

Custom garage doors from Clopay® are crafted using the finest specialty woods — like Ipe, Sapele, African Mahogany or Spanish Cedar — and are available in upward or swing-out designs. For further personalization, look into having custom stain and paint colors and specialty glass and hardware added.

Modern Materials and Styles

Many older garage doors were available in dull whites and constructed with galvanized steel. Today, you have more material options to consider than ever for your garage door installation. With the right garage door materials, like aluminum, wood, glass, steel and faux wood, you can totally update and transform the appearance of your home.

Window Inserts

By adding window inserts to your garage door, you can add warmth to the exterior of your home, modernize the overall design and let in pleasing natural light. Garage door designs featuring windows have become increasingly popular over the past several years because of their clean lines and dramatic appearance. With window inserts placed in your garage door, you also have design flexibility to suit your daily needs — chose from different sizes, tinting and opacity for privacy or choose hurricane-rated impact glass for added protection.

Natural, Warm Wood Construction

Choosing wood as your garage door material provides your home with numerous design options, unmatched protection and durability and a warm, inviting appeal for your home. Wood doors are available in more modern designs with glass window inserts or traditional designs like carriage style or barn doors for a cozier look.

You can also opt for steel doors with a faux wood overlay — giving you the classic beauty of a wood garage door without the added upkeep and cost.

Color Variety or Bold Black

With a contemporary style, your garage door will be transformed into the focal point for your home. For 2018, let your home and garage door stand out by applying a fresh, bold color like blue, red, green, deep brown or black. While black may seem too daring for many homeowners, it’s an incredibly popular color choice this year. A black garage door will make your home remarkably modern and adventurous — plus, it conceals dirt and adds depth to lighter-colored homes.

Reach Out to Banko Overhead Doors for a New Trendy Garage Door

With so many different garage door options and designs available today, you can trust the professionals at Banko Overhead Doors to help you select and install a new garage door that will enhance your home’s features and highlight your personality. We carry a wide selection of the highest-quality Clopay residential garage doors and our team can help you figure out which 2018 trends best fit your style and budget.

Explore your garage door design and installation options today by filling out our online contact form or calling 813-882-9900 to speak to a technician.

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