18 Different Types of Kitchen Styles

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Here are the 18 different types of kitchen styles you can choose for your kitchen decor. We include photo examples, extensive descriptions and direct access to massive photo galleries.

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Traditional white kitchen with a touch of country charm.

A big kitchen design decision is which kitchen style to choose.

Sometimes it’s an easy decision, especially if you have an overall style for your home, whether new or existing.  In other instances, it’s a difficult decision.  We hope with our kitchen galleries organized by styles that we can help you choose.

It is widely known that the kitchen is the heart of any home. No longer just hubs for cooking, kitchens are a place where creativity is fostered, family comes together, and memories are made.

Kitchens are utilitarian, functional, and deeply personal, in addition to being the locale in which nourishment is created, and food is served to our beloved family members.

Modern day homeowners recognize the critical nature and imperative value of having a well-designed, highly functioning kitchen space that is both inviting and beautiful, as it is the most important room in any home and adds greatly to the resale and overall value of the property as well. As a consequence of the continuously growing popularity of kitchen design, the market has exploded with a plethora of customizing options aimed at giving homeowners a virtually unlimited amount of decisions regarding decorating, streamlining, and accessorizing their kitchens.

Read on below to learn about some of the most popular and sought-after kitchen styles that are defining the look and feel of homes across the country today, in addition to a description of the different types of kitchen layouts available, and common kitchen sizes. Popularity charts, descriptions and general information are provided with an emphasis on pointing out the distinctive design components of specific kitchen styles.

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18 Types of Kitchen Styles by Popularity

1. Traditional Kitchen Styles

Traditional Kitchen Style

Traditional kitchen. Source: Trulia

Hallmark design elements:

  • Elegant and timeless aesthetic
  • Modern American look and feel
  • Clean, comforting, inviting
  • Traditional + contemporary elements

Visit our traditional kitchen gallery here.

Defined by its clean, comforting, and inviting aesthetic, a traditional kitchen makes use of classic design elements and an abundance of fresh colors to create a look that is elegantly timeless.

White tiles, paint, and accenting are commonly used in traditional kitchens for a crisp and clean contrast that provides visual appeal and a sparkling vitality.

In keeping with the timeless appeal, detailing like paneled or glass cupboard doors are often utilized, along with personally requisite details such as coordinating backsplashes, polished hardwood floors, modern stainless steel appliances, and gleaming marble countertops.

While traditional kitchens exhibit a casually nuanced overall feel and elegant look, the details can vary immensely.

Very often, the visually appealing and perfectly complementary color duo of crisp white and dark brown woods are employed. Smatterings of stainless steel and polished accents, vintage or period accents like handcrafted drawer pulls, or tailored upholstered seats can help to highly distinguish one traditional kitchen from the next.

2. Contemporary Kitchen Styles

Contemporary kitchen design

Hallmark style elements:

  • Modern and minimalist components
  • Artistic elements
  • Straight and horizontal lines
  • Uniquely bold simplicity

See our modern and kitchen design gallery here.

The contemporary style kitchen is a highly popular design concept that has been readily embraced by homeowners en masse. A kitchen styled in a contemporary fashion incorporates a mixture of new and old and casual yet polished elements to give a sleek aesthetic.

While traditional kitchens employ the use of classic design elements punctuated by sometimes ornate and vintage detailing for a more conventional and familiar appeal, a contemporary kitchen differs from its typically more artistic and minimalist approach. Contemporary kitchens are typically unadorned and free of excess detailing. Rather, the focus tends to be on artistic juxtaposition and the complementary relationship between materials, surfaces, and colors.

Modern trends for contemporary kitchens feature a lack of symmetry and aim for a more geometric look. Horizontal lines create a straightforward, user-friendly appeal. Unexpected details like concrete flooring, brushed silver knobs, strategically and artfully placed chrome and lacquer detailing, and tiny pops of color offer an industrial vibe softened by visual appeal.

When decorating a contemporary kitchen, the sky is truly the limit. There is no standard blueprint for a contemporary-styled kitchen; rather, the design is defined by minimalist decorating, a clean aesthetic, strong and bold color choices, and an emphasis on embracing the unexpected.

A contemporary kitchen can be truly inviting in the most unique ways. The styling mimics a Zen environment, free of clutter, adornment, and visual chaos. As such, the beauty in the materials chosen is given an opportunity to be visually distinct.

Polished granite countertops, for example, gleam in their unadorned expansiveness. Singularly punctuated by a bright and cheery bowl of fresh fruit or another simple vividly colored design choice, the countertop is presented in all of its simplicity, beauty, and splendor. In essence, a contemporary kitchen allows the materials from which it is constructed to stand out and shine while offering inviting physical and visual sensations that create a sense of calm, tranquility, and peace.

3. Transitional Style Kitchens

Transitional kitchen style

Transitional kitchen style.

Hallmark Transitional Style Elements:

  • Traditional and contemporary design elements
  • Clean and simple minimalism
  • Inviting and engaging traditional style
  • Best of both worlds versatility

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Transitional style kitchens encompass the best of both worlds by bringing together traditional and contemporary design concepts. The juxtaposition between traditional style and contemporary design is at the heart of the transitional style kitchen. Offering all the inviting comfort of a traditional kitchen space, transitional kitchens simultaneously show off the beautifully clean and simple minimalist design elements found in contemporary kitchen styles. While elements from both styles are apparent in transitional décor, sometimes elements from other styles are utilized as well.

Despite not having a strict definition in terms of what can and cannot be used in a transitional kitchen, it is generally agreed that the transitional style is a delicate balancing act in proportions, materials, and harmony.

4. Beach Style Kitchens

Beach Style Kitchen

Hallmark style elements:

  • Beachy and coastal vibe
  • Cool shades of blue; crisp white hues
  • Wicker, Seagrass, and sand
  • Airy; copious amounts of sunlight

Visit our beach kitchen gallery

Beach style kitchens offer a beachy and coastal feel right within the comforts of your own home. Cool shades of blue are paired with thematically appropriate accents like seagrass, wicker, and sand to create a vacation-themed setting that is relaxing, inspiring and fun.

Airily sheer window treatments atop large glass windows are common accoutrements that give kitchen dwellers plenty of warm sunlight to bask in and enjoy. Coastal themed flooring in lighter colors and unique finishes can be used to add to the beachy feeling of the kitchen, in addition to freshly whitewashed paint treatments to offer a casual yet elegant resort-like vibe. Beach style kitchens are a great way to engage in thematic inspiration! Use seashells, sea glass, and ocean related paraphernalia to create a calm and cool beach environment that makes you feel as if you are on vacation every day within your own kitchen.

5. Eclectic Style Kitchens

eclectic style kitchens imageThe eclectic kitchen is an ultimate study in mixtures, contrasts, composition, and scale. Bold paint choices, intricate odds and ends, a personally curated collection of trinkets, and various textural elements are commonly incorporated within eclectic kitchens.

The eclecticism of the design concept is more a reflection of an individual’s multifaceted tastes, preferences, and personality, rather than a nonsensical mishmash of unrelated items.

Done correctly, the eclectically designed kitchen reflects a cool and easy confidence. Perfectly mismatched accoutrements and worldly adornments are tied together with centrally placed pops of color that provide a sense of consistency and thematic order. The end result is a highly-personalized kitchen with an effortless appeal, filled with rich color and texture that is both uniquely inviting and visually stimulating.

Multifaceted approach Visually stimulating
Highly personalized and curated Rich colors and textures

6. Modern Style Kitchens

modern style kitchens imageMuch like contemporary kitchen styles, a modern style kitchen embodies sleek sophistication and sexy appeal. Similar to contemporary styling, clutter, accoutrement, and adornment are kept to a bare minimum. Beautiful, bare expanses of polished countertop are accented with pops of color to emphasize high-quality materials and artistry. The lack of countertop decorating lets kitchen dwellers take in the full beauty and quality of the pieces that define and comprise the kitchen’s base aesthetic.

High-quality materials are in fact hallmarks of modern kitchens and typically include exotic materials which are luxurious to the touch and sight. Luxury is pervasive throughout the modern kitchen; classic and modern pieces are consistent with high quality and typically of simple construction with clean lines and timeless silhouettes for an enduring elegance and upscale feel.

Sleekly sophisticated Clean lines and timeless silhouettes
Exotic and high-end materials Minimalist styling

7. Craftsman Style Kitchens

craftsman style kitchens imageThere is an organic and earthy sensuality about a Craftsman styled kitchen that is unique, inviting, and comforting at once.

The Craftsman style was popularized by the early 20th century Arts and Crafts movement during the industrial revolution. It was during this time that home design and architecture, in general, became very artisanal in nature. Kitchen furniture, tabletops, and cabinets were hand built, constructed with the utmost of care, and designed to last a lifetime.

An abundance of natural materials, primarily in the form of natural woods in various hues of brown, are the cornerstone of every Craftsman style kitchen.

Typical accents almost always include solidly built and expertly crafted cabinetry and counter tops. Often, intricate woodwork and stonework are incorporated throughout the kitchen to give an overall artisan feel to the environment.

Craftsman style kitchens are rustic and inviting in a warm and down-to-earth kind of way. The setting is suggestive of another time and place when life was simpler, and the kitchen a haven to cook and create hot and nourishing meals for friends and family alike.

Artisan Flair Rustically appealing look and feel
Natural materials Fine craftsmanship

8. Farmhouse Style Kitchens

farmhouse style kitchens imageFarmhouse style kitchens are designed with country-style flair and thematic farmhouse elements. The overall look and feel of a farmhouse style kitchen can range from natural and organically rustic to a more contemporary style.

A very popular design concept, farmhouse style kitchens offer a distinctly intimate cozy look and feel. Decorative adornments are highly utilized; woven baskets and delicate china sets are often proudly put on display.

Unlike minimalist or modern kitchens, the farmhouse kitchen is brimming with personal details. Common design notes include things like vintage door knobs and pulls, hand painted dishes and other very individual character details.

From the ceiling to the flooring, expect a farmhouse style kitchen to be a study in visual appeal. Exposed wooden beams, unexpected brick accents, and vivid pops of radiant color are all fantastic components in this kind of kitchen style, along with fresh flowers, baskets of fruit, and country style knickknacks.

There is an undeniable emphasis on natural woods, which may or may not be mixed in texture and tone, along with the judicious use of copper pots and accents, woven basketry and other items, glassware and vases, farm-style seating and sturdily built wooden countertops that offer functionality and beauty all at once.

Intimate and cozy environment Brimming with details
Highly decorative Natural and premium materials

9. Rustic Style Kitchens

rustic style kitchens imageRustic styled kitchens are versatile in their multifaceted appeal and approach. Eclectic in nature, this style of decoration has limitless options for decorators and homeowners alike.

A rustic kitchen features an abundance of wood and stone with commonly used design components such as handwoven tapestries, distressed finishes, unfinished surfaces, and textured pieces featuring natural fibers.

Similar in concept to Craftsman and farmhouse kitchens, rustic kitchen spaces differ in that they encompass an eclectic approach while maintaining a nod to its nature-oriented roots. Reminiscent of log cabin interiors, a rustic style kitchen evokes themes of simplicity, practicality, and nature.

Multifaceted approach to decorating Eclectic styling with a nod to nature
Abundance of wood and stone Comfortable and earthy appeal

10. Mediterranean Style Kitchens

mediterranean style kitchens imageMediterranean style kitchens have classically Grecian styling notes that are reminiscent of the art, culture and geographical beauty of this ancient locale.

Purposefully designed to invoke the beauty and complexity of Greek design, Mediterranean style kitchens incorporate bold colors, earth tones, glazing techniques, and fantastically unique textured walls that harken to a more primitive time and place in the world.

Visual interest is of paramount importance in a Mediterranean style kitchen; often you will find décor featuring terra cotta accents, intricate tile mosaics, gorgeously unique backsplashes, and furniture constructed from the finest quality hardwoods. It is important to note that the tile mosaics and textured walls are almost always defining parts of a Mediterranean style kitchen.

Unlike the simpler aesthetics of a modern or contemporary kitchen, the Mediterranean style kitchen features a plenitude of curves, creativity, and a distinct old-world opulence.

Classical Grecian style notes Old-world opulence
Intricate and high-quality details Bold colors paired with earthy neutrals

Whatever your unique needs may be, your personal style can be expressed in a myriad of ways through your kitchen. With endless amounts of style elements available, the sky is truly the limit while designing your dream space.

When making the decision to take your kitchen to a new level through design or renovation, it is helpful to know which kitchen styles are most popular. A well-designed kitchen that is carefully thought out and expertly crafted can add to your home’s resale value immensely while offering you years of enjoyment and pleasure for your family.

An analysis of 1,675,494 kitchen styles yielded the below results which measure the popularity of the ten most ubiquitous kitchen styles used in modern homes today. Shown in a bar graph and pie chart form, you can see how modern, beach style, eclectic, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Mediterranean, rustic, transitional, contemporary, and traditional kitchen styles stack up against each other.

most popular kitchen styles graph image

most popular kitchen styles graph pie image

As shown above, traditional style kitchens are far and away the most popular design concept used by homeowners. With its clean and inviting aesthetic, a traditional kitchen makes use of classic design elements to offer homeowners and kitchen dwellers functional spaces that are both beautiful and practical. Traditional style kitchens are also a safe choice regarding adding value to your home. The overall look and feel to a traditional kitchen is part contemporary and largely American; a vibe that is familiar and appealing to homeowners and buyers alike. While a homeowner may absolutely love the gorgeously distinct look of a Mediterranean themed kitchen with its Grecian design notes, it is important to note that not every buyer will be as enthralled with such an original aesthetic.

Nevertheless, the opportunity to create, construct, and design the kitchen of your dreams is encouraging and inspiring, as well as well within your grasp. Browsing our site will provide you with a multitude of pictures, design cues, inspiration, and more. We provide comprehensive information, complete with graphs, charts, guides, and everything else you need to be well on your way to creating the kitchen you have always dreamed of having.

Once you have determined the perfect kitchen style for your personality and needs, we can show you how to determine the ideal layout for your kitchen space to meet your individual prerequisites.

Kitchen layouts include the following: L-shape, U-shape, Galley, and Single-wall styles. Read on below to see descriptions, photos, and charted data to help you make the best kitchen layout design decision for your needs.

Kitchen Layouts

1. L-shape Kitchen Layout

l shape kitchen layout imageIn an L-shaped kitchen layout, two perpendicular workspaces are positioned to create a natural work triangle.

The position of the L-shape allows for kitchen cabinets to be situated along adjacent walls and enables maximum functionality.

2. U-shape Kitchen Layout

u shape kitchen layout imageU-shaped kitchen layouts feature a central island anchor that serves as a main focal point, in addition to being a functional central preparation station and offering balanced aesthetic appeal. A common drawback to the U-shaped kitchen layout is the lack of communal seating. However, workarounds (such as bench-style seating) can be implemented to create functional seating for your guests and family.

Despite the lack of seating often seen in U-shaped kitchens, many homeowners and kitchen dwellers vastly prefer the efficiency and functionality of the U-shape configuration. Cooking is immensely convenient when you are able to turn from the refrigerator, to the sink, and to the stove in a single step.

3. Galley-style Kitchen Layout

galley shape kitchen layout imageA galley style kitchen layout offers maximum efficiency in the presence of a shortage of space.

Two parallel counters enable accessibility and efficiency while providing ample storage opportunities and plenty of aisle space for freedom of movement. Plenty of counter space will provide you ample opportunity to cook, prep, and clean easily and effectively without hindrance.

4. Single-wall Style Kitchen Layout

single wall style kitchen layout imageSmall homes with a shortage of available space will benefit immensely from the single-wall style kitchen layout. Situated in a linear fashion, all of the necessary kitchen zones encompass one wall.

The lack of a traditional work triangle in this kitchen layout enables homeowners to create maximum storage and space-saving opportunities for organization and efficiency. The design aesthetic evokes a modern and contemporary feel to this type of kitchen layout.

kitchen layouts by popularity graph imagekitchen layouts by popularity graph pie imageAs seen above, the most popular kitchen layout is the traditional L-shaped formation. Ubiquitously used for its unrivaled level of combined efficiency, function, and versatility, the L-shaped kitchen enables you to perform your cooking and culinary pursuits with ease. Depending on your particular needs, however, the U-shaped, Galley-style, and single-wall style of kitchen layouts may fit your prerequisites perfectly, particularly if you are short on space and need to maximize organization.

While not a final decision in your design, choosing an appropriate size for your kitchen is a critical step that needs to be addressed in conjunction with your decisions on style and layout.

The sizing aspects of kitchens are fairly straightforward and range from small, medium, large, or huge and expansive. The size of your kitchen will, of course, be entirely dependent on the actual number of square footage you have along with the amount of additional dedicated space you have available for your kitchen. While an expansive kitchen with copious amounts of space might be ideal for many people, space and sizing considerations must be taken into consideration to create the kitchen space most appropriate for your home.

Kitchen sizes are measured as followed:

  • Small kitchen size: <70 square feet
  • Average or medium kitchen size: 100 to 200 square feet
  • Large kitchen size: >200 square feet

When determining your ideal kitchen size, it is imperative to consider the number of people using the kitchen, the quantity of appliances within the space, and any organization and countertop space requirements you may have. A great way to plot out your kitchen layout point by point is to use readily available kitchen interior design software that allows you to create floor plans ideal for you, your family, and the amount of available space you have.

Read on below to learn more about the differing kitchen sizes.

Kitchen Sizes

1. Small Sized Kitchens

small sized kitchens imageAt less than 70 square feet, a small size kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be cumbersome. Strategically placed appliances, carefully considered organization schemes, and a space-appropriate layout can turn your small space into a tiny haven where cooking and spending time with family can be truly enjoyable experiences.

The use of crisp white accented with bold pops of colors and brushed metal accents can visually enlarge the kitchen space and create a modern and open and airy feeling that is conducive to performance and efficiency.

2. Medium Sized Kitchens

medium sized kitchens imageAt 100 to 200 square feet, a medium sized kitchen offers just a bit more space than a small sized kitchen. However, the additional space can yield impressive results in terms of seating, organization, and prep area utilization. The addition of extra space can allow a homeowner to install an eat-in counter or even an additional kitchen island for much needed and appreciated utility.

3. Large Sized Kitchens

large sized kitchens imageAt over 200 square feet, a large kitchen provides ample space with ideal opportunities for organization, food preparation, and communal activity.

The copious amount of room allows creative design-making decisions to flourish.

Cabinetry, expansive kitchen islands and customized seating are options that can be taken into thoughtful consideration when space is permitting.

4. Huge/Expansive Kitchens

huge expansive kitchens imageAs the name implies, a huge kitchen offers expansive amounts of space. Generously sized walkways allow plenty of foot traffic from guests and large families to travel unencumbered.

With enough space to accommodate large and wide countertops, food preparation can become a breeze.

Sized at well over 200 square feet and ranging into square footage only limited by a person’s budget, a huge and expansive kitchen space can be customized with endless options to suit the needs of any of your prerequisites.

kitchen sizes by popularity graph image

kitchen sizes by popularity graph pie image

A wealth of information was shown above, detailing kitchen sizes, layouts, and sizing options, complete with popularity ratings to best inform your design decision-making process. The critical importance of a well-designed and highly efficient kitchen cannot be emphasized enough. Unarguably, the kitchen is the room within the house that holds the designation of having the utmost importance. It is the space in which the food that feeds our friends and family is prepared. Nourishment and creativity are born within the confines of our kitchens, and for some of us, our most productive hours are spent there as well.

The power of productivity is well in our hands. We have the power to make, create, and bring our design desires to life, and to essentially bring forth the level of productivity that we crave and desire. A well-designed kitchen with strategically implemented organization and ease of mobility can be of critical importance to the quality of our daily lives, and can actually serve to improve and add to the level of quality.

Modern day homeowners are well aware that a beautiful kitchen with high-quality design elements is not just integral to their own lives and that of their families, but also serves to influence future buyers. Investing in your kitchen automatically and significantly boosts the resale power of your home.

In essence, taking the time to map out the kitchen of your dreams is a win-win situation for everyone involved. You benefit as a homeowner with increased property value if and when you decide to sell your home. The future home buyer benefits by having purchased a property with a beautiful kitchen offering maximum functionality, and as the current homeowner, you get to experience the pleasures of your wonderful kitchen day in and day out as you create and produce the food and meals that will feed and nourish your family.

It is in the kitchen that your day begins. Whether it is with a plate of freshly scrambled eggs or a steaming hot cup of coffee, you deserve to experience the beginnings of every day within an environment that offers tranquillity, happiness, and peace. A kitchen is also a place of community. It is where your family gathers to smell the inviting aromas of food cooking; to talk and gossip about their days, and to engage with one another as only family can. A kitchen is a place that is integral to the health and happiness of your family; it is an area that brings together family, food, health, and community. As such, it should be designed with the utmost of care. Careful consideration should be given to all aspects of the kitchen design decisions, from the unique flooring that calls out your name, the distinct design concept that speaks to your heart, and choosing an appropriately sized kitchen that meets your space and budgetary needs.

No matter what type of kitchen style you choose, or how big or small that kitchen may be, it is at the end of the day, the place where love, productivity, and creativity are born. Treat this special place with the highest respect. While you don’t have to spend immense amounts of money, the greatest of efforts should be undertaken to create a highly personalized space that is reflective of your personality, and filled with design elements, details, and accents that you love and cherish. When you walk into your kitchen, you should feel inspired, happy, and at ease with your surroundings.

Browse our countless pictures showcasing a plethora of kitchen styles both big and small, beautiful flooring options, and abundant design inspirations to help guide you along your design journey. Consider home designing software to further assist you in strategizing the placement of furniture, appliances, and other items. Remember, the key is balance, beauty, and an overall sense of calm and cool happiness. You deserve that; let us help you reach that goal! We have got the tools you need and the inspiration you crave to help you get started on creating the dream kitchen space that you deserve.

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